We have integrated plenty of Advanced Instruments in the Persistent Faith Studios Web Hosting Control Panel. These tools can assist you to do easy things such as protecting a directory by using a pass word and also a lot more advanced ones such as, as an example, altering the PHP build of your web hosting account. Although the duties they actually do are not the same, the Advanced Instruments have 1 thing in common. They’re very easy to use and call for no specific skills on your part.

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself from traffic theft

From our Persistent Faith Studios Web Hosting Control Panel, you can instantly safeguard all the images within your websites from being employed someplace else without your approval. And you can do this with several clicks of your computer mouse using our Hotlink Protection tool.

All you should make is just pick the domain you intend to protect and then trigger the Hotlink Protection. Modifications will be effective instantaneously and your images are going to be shielded from illegal use and traffic theft.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic creation of .htaccess files

Incorporated in the Persistent Faith Studios Web Hosting Control Panel is an .htaccess Generator – a powerful software instrument, which lets you make .htaccess files without the need to generate them manually. Our tool calls for zero knowledge as well as zero familiarity with .htaccess file operations.

Through an .htaccess file, it’s easy to redirect a couple of pages within your web site or maybe the full website to a whole new location. You may also make use of it to guard a folder with a security password or even to enable PHP code in HTML files, etcetera.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block malicious IP addresses from accessing your site

Inside the Persistent Faith Studios Web Hosting Control Panel we’ve incorporated quite a practical tool that allows you to limit the ways to access your sites by blocking distinct IP addresses. While using the IP blocking tool, you can actually prevent an IP address as well as a full range of IP addresses from accessing your web site. To determine what IP addresses create the ’harmful’ site traffic to your website, you can check out the Stats Manager.

All IPs are obstructed instantaneously and no–one will have a way to see or gain access to your website from them any more.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Modify the PHP rules for your web site

If ever the web application you use necessitates a specific PHP release, or you want to make any PHP alterations, you can quickly make this happen in the Persistent Faith Studios Web Hosting Control Panel. You’ll be able to change the PHP release with only a mouse–click, picking from past PHP releases to the most recent steady PHP launch. You can also speedily customize the most significant controls in the php.ini file, or make a total overhaul of how your PHP version performs.

It’s not necessary to wait patiently for many hours or reboot anything for your alterations to take effect. All the changes are applied live the moment you save them.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Create automated scheduled jobs

If there is a report that you need to run day after day, or if there are several automatic tasks you need your website to complete, then cron jobs are exactly what you need. Through the Persistent Faith Studios Web Hosting Control Panel, you can quickly set and control various cron jobs. We have made a simple way to create a cron job. It will require just one minute for any brand new task for being slated for execution.

Cron jobs are obtainable with all of our cloud hosting packages. Every single of them has a distinct amount of cron jobs. Extra cron jobs are sold as an upgrade at any time you want.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Good way to shield all your files

If you need to make an area in your site which is seen only to the individuals you need, you’ll be able to take benefit from the Password Protection instrument. Utilizing it you can quickly generate a password protected directory which is encoded and accessible only to you and anybody who you share the login info with.

The directory will be shielded right away and no one else will be able to view just what is inside. You are the sole person who’ll be capable of adjust or change it unless you opt to authorize different users to access it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL re–direction with just several clicks

In the Persistent Faith Studios Web Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to fast divert your domain to an alternative area through the help of the URL Redirection instrument. It is extremely uncomplicated – all you have to make is indicate where exactly your website is going to be directed to. No requirement for any type of .htaccess files, PHP redirections, DNS settings, and the like to be made. Your web site is going to be rerouted to the brand new area directly.

It’s possible to cease the website redirection at any moment. All you should actually do is go to the URL Redirection instrument and disable the site redirection. Then your site is going to start linking to its initial location.

URL Redirection